Facebook Shout Out from Rick Teisan, Realtor

Many thanks to Rick Teisan, who left this nice little shout out for me on his Facebook page.  Rick is a realtor in Desert Hot Springs, CA and also reps in the greater Coachella Valley area.


Now that medical marijuana cultivators have been given the green thumb (hahaha couldn’t help myself!), Rick has added medical marijuana cultivation and dispensary properties to his real estate mix. Rick also handles residential and commercial properties, so do connect with him if you are looking to locate your home or business in Desert Hot Springs or the Coachella Valley.

I helped Rick set up his WordPress site, MarijuanaHillRealty.com, which gives him a forum where he can provide info to those interested in legal marijuana cultivation, and highlight commercial properties zoned for legal marijuana cultivation or dispensary use.  I’m also helping Rick learn how to use social media to get his message out there. He has learned how to set up his Twitter and Facebook profiles, how to connect them to his WordPress site so that his blog posts are auto-shared when he publishes them, and how to use Hootsuite to write his social media posts in advance and schedule them to go out automatically in the future.

Rick Teisan left this little testimonial for me on Facebook. Thanks Rick!
Rick Teisan left this little testimonial for me on Facebook. Thanks Rick!

I am always grateful when a happy client leaves a positive review, testimonial or shout out. It’s the best thank you any solopreneur can have. Thank you Rick!

Updated 2020 – Goodbye my dear friend and wonderful client, it was my great pleasure to meet you so many years ago at Toastmasters, then have you become a valued client, and from there become a wonderful and dear friend. My life was made better by knowing you, and I enjoyed our discussions, lunches, and walks during the wildflower ✿ blooms. I hope you are having lots of fun on whatever adventures you are currently enjoying now that you have left this world behind. You are missed ✨💗✨

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