Mother Nature Reminds Us That Abundance is a Natural State

I have been learning a lot about the Law of Attraction lately. More accurately, I’ve become more aware of it lately… I think I’ve been learning about it all my life. Long story short, I have experienced so many positive life changes in my observance of the law of attraction and through implementation of the power of positive thinking. But there is still a challenge for me in believing in abundant wealth, having been raised in a mindset of lack of wealth and having carried that mindset with me until I turned it into a more positive, yet still limiting, “I don’t need or desire a lot.” So that’s what came to me, “not a lot.” It was always enough – I have always been taken care of despite that “not a lot” and I have always been aware of that on some level. But I have also lived at times in a fear mindset, fear of not having enough, and existing in that frequency of fear is just no fun at all. It inhibits one’s ability to create their abundance. So the challenge I face now is how do I stop slipping into that fear that there will not be enough?

How My Yard Reminds Me to Shift My Perspective to One of Abundance and Wealth

Fortunately, Mother Nature is constantly showing me – and all of us – that abundance and creation are the natural state of being. Find an empty field, leave it be other than just observing it, and what you will see is life and growth: grass, weeds, flowers, worms, insects, and birds, oh my! That is the natural momentum of existence, and it applies to you and me in biology and in business too. My yard is that empty field, except that it is definitely not empty! So many things are growing in my yard, that I have nothing to do with – it’s just there! Weeds and wildflowers and some cactus and creasotes and trees too. I look at that beautiful beavertail cactus pic, and I know there are different ways to see it:

  • I could choose to see a lack of flowers, and feel disappointment that there are no blooms at this very moment. In that moment, I would feel a lack of something, and there I would be, feeling lack and disappointment. And then that would affect my outlook in business – I am training myself to see only what’s not there, with disappointment. OR…
  • I could choose to see an abundance of flowers just waiting to burst forth, with a sense of wonder and excitement inside me. In that moment, I would feel joy and excitement at the prospect of the flowers that I know are coming, even though I don’t see them blooming in front of my eyes just yet. How do I know they are coming? Well look at all those buds! What do buds do? They burst forth into bloom!

What My Yard Teaches Me About Networking

Those beavertail cactus flower buds are like all those connections I’ve made at networking mixers, at BNI meetings, at any place I’ve ever gone and with any person I’ve ever met there. Those connections are opportunities waiting to burst forth into bloom when the time is right for them to do so. When the rain was enough to fuel the buds, when the sun was enough to warm and coax them into growing, the conditions were right for the blooms to open and when the blooms opened then the hummingbirds came to collect their bountiful gifts. That cactus in my yard so pregnant with blooms reminds me that all my connections are there, ready to go off, and when they do I will be like the hummingbird coming along to receive their tasty treats.

When conditions are right for those connections I’m making, they will grow and bloom, and I will be growing and blooming right along with them. But it all begins with planting those seeds, making those connections. It’s so wonderful when we all watch each other grow, and help nurture each other along the way. I look at that cactus covered in buds and I see networking connections ready to grow into working relationships. I see money out there waiting to come to me when conditions are right and I see that I am the one who sets my conditions. And I say conditions are perfectly ripe for receiving! I am in a new home in a new location that I am so in love with, meeting new people who are warm and welcoming, and enjoying the beauty and abundance of my new surroundings. My conditions are perfect for growth and abundance!

What My Yard Teaches Me About Doing What I Love for Work

I like to start my day doing something that makes me feel good. I have battled depression and anxiety in the past, and I know what it is to get stuck in a pattern of dread, of how awful things can feel in the morning. “Stuck in a pattern” are key words there. I’ve learned to create new habits and new, positive patterns. I like having a certain amount of routine in my life, I find it comforting. I have learned to exchange the routine that brought me sadness for a new one that brings me joy. Now as I drink my morning tea, I spend some time out in my yard before I get to work. I throw the ball for my dogs, and feel the joy of watching them run and play. I listen to my motivational and spiritual guides and teachers on YouTube. I also pull mustard weeds, a constant chore in this region where they are a prolific invasive plant.

This morning as I was pulling weeds and listening to guides teaching about manifesting wealth, and looking at my cactus, I realized that I don’t need to worry about work and wealth. And I don’t have to do work I don’t really want to do. In all those magnificent plants and superbloom flowers and yes, weeds, growing in my yard, I saw Mother Nature telling me a story. The story is that there is so much abundance out there, that the work and the wealth exists. Pulling weeds in my yard is a reminder that I can choose only those jobs that bring me joy, and this is how I find the path of least resistance to wealth. Because when I am feeling joy in my work, I don’t feel chained by it, I feel freed by it. I look ahead at all that’s coming to me with excitement and anticipation, which brings me feelings of joy and peace, instead of looking at the past and what I didn’t or don’t have, which brings me fear.

Yah, yah, it all sounds so very foo-foo. But I can live with that! Because foo-foo allows me to go to work today with happiness and gratitude in my heart for the work I am doing. Today this includes finding awesome guests for Ask Win, an awesome podcast that has a mission I can believe in and take joy in contributing to. Foo-foo allows me to go write this blog post and share it on my socials knowing that I am planting a seed that will grow connections to folks who feel something when they read this, who resonate with the concepts of connecting the abundance of nature to abundance in all areas of our lives. Not everyone will feel it, many could read it and think, “what a load of crap!” – but that is ok, and in fact that’s great! Why? Because I want to surround myself with people who think it makes total sense! And those are the ones who will come through. I want to work with folks who practice positivity, who like looking forward with joy in their hearts and who see the possibilities instead of the “what’s not” and who also perceive and believe the foo-foo stuff! The ones who are not afraid to spend their money on my services because they know it comes back, that it is a flow. I want clients with whom I can share that kind of creation-flow energy, who have talents and positive outlooks that I will continue to learn and grow with and from.

Seeking Heart-Centered Clients Fueled By Positive Vibes!

And so I flow with the law of attraction – I put it out there and I know it will come back to me! Now I’m putting it officially out there: 1Meilani is seeking heart-centered clients fueled by positive vibes, woot! 1Meilani is your virtual assistant and 1-stop shop for writing, editing, graphic design and training for WordPress websites and social media marketing. Those are the things I love to do best! Especially training and teaching, whether in a group workshop situation or private one-to-one lessons. I offer workshops and training in creating and marketing a strong brand identity, in social media outreach and strategy planning, in how to create and use WordPress websites, various apps, and more. Ask me about your topic and if I know it I will create a workshop for you or your group! Just fill out the contact form below or send me a message on Facebook.

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