WordPress Workshop May 18, 2019!

Register for this low-cost, half-day workshop at cvwbc.org/workshops. Only $99!!

I am honored and grateful to be presenting a WordPress workshop on Saturday, May 18, 2019 hosted by the totally awesome Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center (CVWBC)! Seats are limited and you must register online at cvwbc.org/workshops. Please note this is a low cost, half day workshop – please bring your lunch and snacks, our break will not be long enough to go out to get food.

What you will learn in this WordPress Workshop

  • Participants will create their own WordPress website from scratch. 
  • We will use the FREE version – you can later upgrade to paid with more bells and whistles yourself if you decide you want to do that.
  • Helpfuls:  Know what a browser is, what a window is, and what a tab is.

You will learn to:

  • Pick a theme / change your theme
  • add a cover image
  • choose a static or blog home page (and learn what that means)
  • customize your site title, tagline and colors
  • add admins, authors, editors
  • create and edit your navigation menu
  • make a page
  • make a post
  • what is the difference between a page and a post anyway?
  • best practices for SEO (search engine optimization – what does that mean anyway?)
  • share to your socials

Click here to register today!

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