1-to-1 Counseling at CVWBC

1-to-1 Counseling with Meilani Now Available at CVWBC!

Hey peeps I am so happy, excited, and grateful to announce I am now a counselor on staff twice a week at CVWBC! CVWBC is the Coachella Valley Women’s Business Center in Palm Desert, CA.  I will be available for individual counseling to help clients with branding, marketing, socials and WordPress websites, woot!

But Wait, There’s More!

What? More? Of course there is! I am not the only counselor on staff at this amazing non-profit organization that serves small business owners and entrepreneurs throughout the Inland Empire and Desert regions – CVWBC also has counselors on staff to help business owners and entrepreneurs with bookkeeping and business finances, human resources, and general business matters.

Before You Schedule Your Appointment

If you are a new business owner or entrepreneur wanting to learn how to use WordPress websites, I suggest first starting with a branding and marketing counseling session. Why, you ask? Because when you create your WordPress website, you will be asked for:

  • The name of your site
  • Your tagline
  • Info about/introduction to you/your business
  • Color scheme
  • Theme you wish to use
  • More stuff like that 🙂

During the website creation and setup process is not the time when you want to be coming up with those things – well, unless you like stressing out while creating your site. Ideally, when you create your website you will already have a keen sense of your business’s brand identity as well as the target audiences you wish to speak to through your website, socials and networking avenues, because those are all considerations that will help you plan what you want to put on your website, and how simple or complex you wish to make it.  

For example, if all you really want is an online presence to confirm your business exists, you can create a simple, clean, single page website with some info about you and your business, a list of your services offered, a few testimonials and general information such as location, hours, and contact info. Your home page might be your whole website, with static info (static means it doesn’t change much). A good example of this is RandomnessOfFate.com, which was built with GoDaddy’s website builder.

If you want to take a more pro-active approach with blogging and content marketing you can have your home page be a display of the blog posts that you regularly write to attract your audience, offer help and advice, highlight special projects and accomplishments, and increase seo by having current info and updates on your website. Such a website might contain multiple pages and posts.  

What it boils down to is having some idea in advance of what you wish to accomplish with your website, and how much time and resources you or your staff have to dedicate to keeping your site updated with fresh content.  

Starting off with branding and marketing counseling sessions will help you gain insights that will be helpful as you decide how you will use your website and what you want to accomplish with it.

How to Schedule a Counseling Appointment at CVWBC

If you’d like to take advantage of this great opportunity to get some 1-to-1 counseling through the CVWBC, visit the CVWBC Counseling page to schedule your appointment.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi Jilska! We meet at CVWBC in Palm Desert. You can find all the details at http://cvwbc.org 🙂


  2. JilskaC says:

    Congratulations! Do they meet at the RAP foundation?  Jilska 


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