How to Create a List of Blog Topics to Attract Your Target Audience

So you created a WordPress website with a blog for your hobby or business, but now that you’re ready to write your blog posts, no ideas are coming.  Does that sound familiar? This post will show you how to create a list of blog post topics and titles that will add content designed to attract your target audience to your site, and to help your articles come up higher in that target’s search results.

How to Create a List of Blog Topics

Step 1: Put yourself into the mind of your audience.

This is REALLY important! What is it that your audience is searching for?  What problems do they have that you can help them to resolve? How are they searching for solutions? To provide solutions to your clients, you have to think like them and know what they need and want. We have a tendency to promote what WE think is so great about our products and services. But ask yourself these questions:

Does the audience I’m marketing to have the same sensibilities as me?
Are the things that are important to me the same that are important to them?

You need to think in terms of LIFESTYLE MARKETING. What benefits to their lifestyle will your clients receive when they use your services or goods?

Example: You invent a new housecleaning widget and it is easy to use and looks really cool and you are so proud of yourself for thinking of it and you love it. However, the potential customers may not care how cool it looks and they don’t care how much you love it. They do like that it is easy to use… but why? Because of the BENEFIT to their lifestyle – if they use this widget, their housework time is cut in half, and now they have more time to spend with the spouse and kids -THAT’s what they care about! Or maybe husbands are more prone to using it and wives are really glad their men are finally doing more house cleaning, lol! Those are the lifestyle benefits that will sell them on the widget.

Step 2: Write down 10 search terms that your target audience is using when they are looking for the kinds of goods and services you offer.

Write down 10 search terms that your audience is likely to use. Be sure you are not thinking from YOUR point of view, but rather from inside your CLIENT’s mind. What is the search term the folks you want to attract would use? What would they type into Google search?

Step 3: Turn those search terms into blog titles.

When you think of those search terms, you are figuring out what the potential customer is looking for. This is their Challenge. Now it’s your opportunity to provide the Solution. Turn their question into your answer! Here’s an example:

Target Audience’s Challenge/Search:
How do I heat proof my desert home?

Your Solution/Blog Post Title:
5 Easy Steps for How to Heat Proof Your Desert Home

So, you can see the potential customer’s need (the Challenge) – they want to heat proof their desert home – and you turned that need into your Solution. In doing so, you used their actual search term right in your title, and this will increase the chance that your post will come up in their search results. Write a post that provides some simple steps they can take to heat proof their home, and you are positioning yourself as an expert and credible authority on the subject.

Step 4: Don’t forget the Call to Action!

At the end of every blog post, social post, and yes, your 30-second elevator speeches too, be sure to include a Call to Action. This is where you tell them to take the next step towards purchasing your goods or services. Whether it’s a “register online at” or “come see me after the meeting” or “call (your phone number) to set an appointment,” be sure you encourage them to connect with you. People respond to being told what to do, so tell them to contact you. The worst thing they can do is not listen. The best thing is when they do what you tell them, and you have another qualified lead that is already interested in your services.

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