DIY Marketing – The Pop-Up Special

Hey Peeps just thought I’d share some of my own marketing ideas and tactics with hopes they will inspire your own creative brainstorming of ways to get what you want and need. In many ways, marketing is very Law of Attraction. It means putting yourself in a positive mindset (high vibration) so that you are inspired to come up with solutions that serve you! In this case, I started out with a desire to have samples of products I’ve designed for my Goddess Whispers shop at Zazzle, so that I can have them in my car, use them at the office, in general have live examples to show off. But there were so many more benefits that came along with that! So here I’m sharing with you the process I used to get some samples and which generated a bunch of other marketing bonuses along the way. Woohoo!

Objective: Getting Product Samples From and Customer Feedback For the Goddess Whispers Shop

I wanted to order samples from my shop, but, I wanted the orders to come from other people so I could get their feedback on the customer’s ordering experience – how easy was it, did they like the storefront, etc. My own feedback is biased 😏 cuz I love it lol 😆, so I specifically wanted more well-rounded feedback from other people!

Method: The Pop-Up Sale

A Pop-up Sale is something that happens on the fly for a very limited time to take advantage of the offer. I put out a simple Facebook post with a special offer good for one day only, where only the first five people who responded with a direct private message would receive a full hour of consulting – a $60 value – for only $20. BUT, in lieu of sending me $20 for a lesson, I had these folks order $20 worth of product from my Goddess Whispers shop to be delivered to me, and they all agreed to give me feedback on their experience. Everyone who took advantage of this offer was an already existing client who saw this as a great deal for something they already want and use at regular price. Here’s what I posted on Facebook:

Hosting the Pop-Up Sale gave me a way to get some samples without having to pay for them up front, while giving my clients great value that they appreciate, and I will also receive informative feedback from real customers that will help me make my shop more appealing to my audiences. In summary: a savings for them, samples for me (win-win!), AND true customer feedback that will help point out any tweaks that need to be made. THAT is SUPER VALUABLE!

Additional Benefits: Marketing for the Shop

When the items arrive, I can do ‘opening’ videos – shoppers like to see those because they want to see how the product actually arrives and whether it really looks like the picture on the storefront. They help build trust in the audience. I will upload those videos to the “Media” section of my shop, which is empty now because it is new and I have no photos or videos of the products in use. But now I will soon have actual products from the Goddess Whispers shop that I can take photos and videos of for use in marketing and promos. The ‘opening’ videos and product photos will be a great addition to my marketing library and toolbox. I will spread those around on websites, socials, my shop, and anywhere else I can post them.

Additional Benefits: Cross-Promotions Marketing

Not only is this Pop-Up Sale promotion providing me with great photos and videos for marketing my online shop, it is also actively marketing my training and consulting services!

Here’s an example:
Target markets: folks who are about 5 years away from retirement and thinking about creating income streams at retirement time, and mature folks who want general computer lessons

My Desire: teach them how to use today’s technologies to generate streams of income by becoming computer tutors themselves and also to teach them how to open an online shop of their own with no up-front costs (besides my lessons, of course!). Do it five years in advance of retirement to make it easy, fun, and free of stress or pressure.

Cross-Promotion Benefits: Folks who responded to my Pop-Up Sale are helping my Goddess Whispers shop marketing efforts. But in sharing my experiences and these lessons on FB and this website, I am also marketing my services as a consultant and trainer.

I have plans for multiple streams of income during retirement, and this Pop-Up Sale and its after-effects are providing me with fodder to use in promoting a few of those streams – the shop, consulting services, and training services.

That includes this blog post about WHAT I want to accomplish, WHY I used a Pop-Up Sale promo to accomplish it, and HOW I will continue to reap marketing rewards after. The Pop-Up Sale and its ripples (like this blog post!) will benefit me in many ways, providing me with materials perfect for marketing both my shop and my consulting and training services. Win Win Win Win Win!!

Now What?

Well, that is up to you. What do you want to do?

I want to do some shopping woohoo!
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