Easy Instructions for How to Shop on Zazzle, Save on Shipping, and Get a Great Discount from Goddess Whispers

Everyone loves online shopping, especially during the holiday seasons! It’s so easy to browse, order, and get that special treasure delivered right to your door – no crowds, no fuss – what’s not to love! Having said that, shopping online may be daunting to those who are new to online shopping, or who are just discovering that Zazzle is an awesome shopping portal. Since I am a Zazzle seller, of course I want to help make online shopping as easy for you as possible! In this post you’ll find easy, step-by-step instructions for how to create a Zazzle account, how to save money on shipping costs, AND how to earn yourself a nice discount in the process!

Step #1: Create Your Zazzle account!

First, you’ll need a Zazzle account to shop online at Zazzle. 

IMPORTANT – be sure to use the special links  in the instructions below, they will give you a nice discount off your first purchase!

Click here to create your Zazzle account – using this link will give you a great discount! Just be sure to give the pop-up a minute to open up!

Step #2: Shop at Goddess Whispers 

Click here to go to the Goddess Whispers shop on Zazzle and FOLLOW the shop by clicking the blue “Follow” button in the cover picture at the top of page (see image below). Thank you so much for following, ✨🙏🏽💖✨ it is so helpful; not only will it make it easy for you to find the Goddess Whispers shop whenever you go to Zazzle, it also increases my shop’s visibility within Zazzle! 

For easy shopping, click on the “Collections” tab located under the cover image (see image below) to find the Collections, where you will find products organized by theme or use, so you can more easily find what you are looking for. 

Image showing Follow button and Collections tab for the Goddess Whispers shop on Zazzle
Image showing Follow button and Collections tab for the Goddess Whispers shop on Zazzle

Step #3: Save on Shipping Costs by Signing Up with the Zazzle Black Shipping Program

Like Amazon, Zazzle has a shipping program where you pay for membership to the shipping program annually, and then you do not get charged for shipping when you shop. But don’t worry, Dazzle’s shipping program is a lot less expensive than Amazon’s!

When you are done shopping and go to your shopping cart screen, look for the offer to join Zazzle Black Standard to receive free regular shipping, or Zazzle Black Premium for free 2-day shipping on qualifying orders. It is very inexpensive and will save you a lot of money on shipping costs! 

NOTE: The payment for the Zazzle Black shipping program will be separate from the payment for the products you order. You will be prompted first to pay for the shipping program, then taken back to your cart to finish purchasing your order.

This link will take you to the info page for the Zazzle Black standard and premium shipping programs. There will also be a sign up link there, should you decide to take advantage of the shipping program.

Questions? Special Requests? Send me a message! 

Back on the Goddess Whispers Zazzle shop home page, look for the “About” tab located under the cover image (see image in Step #2 above above) and it will take you to the about page where you’ll see a blue button to send me a message.  You can also send me a message on Meta’s Messenger app (Meilani MacDonald on FB/Messenger) or DM me on Instagram (@1Meilani or @GoddessWhispers.blog on IG). I will be happy to answer any questions, help you find the product you want, or help you customize a product with your own photo or text. Many products are designed so that you can edit the text or add your photo easily right from the product page. If you don’t see what you want, just let me know, and I will create it for you!

Entrepreneurs and Business Owners – Custom Branded Promotional Products and Business Supplies are Available in the Goddess Whispers Shop on Zazzle!

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, then you know how important it is to have great branding and promotional products for your business! They increase visibility, show off your stuff, and provide you with opportunity to pitch your business, goods and services when people ask you “oh what is that?”

For example, branded mugs are great conversation starters for anyone who feels shy or awkward at those business mixers where you need to mix and mingle with strangers, something that isn’t always easy, especially if you tend to be introverted or shy. I carry one of my Goddess Whispers mugs with me to every mixer, and use it instead of the paper coffee cups or plastic drink cups you might find there. And every time, people ask me about my beautiful mug, which gives me opportunity to tell them all about the Goddess Whispers shop on Zazzle!

I offer FREE graphic design services to create your business branded items ordered from the Goddess Whispers shop on Zazzle!!

That’s right, you can supply me with your logo and business branding color palette or custom images and I will design your promotional items for FREE! Whether you are a realtor looking for office and housewarming gifts to give your happy new homeowners, or a small business needing branded mailing labels, or a seller looking for that perfect vinyl banner and table tent for your pop-up market booth, I can create what you need! Contact me via Meta’s Messenger app (Meilani MacDonald on FB/Messenger) or DM me on Instagram (@1Meilani or @GoddessWhispers.blog on IG) to discuss your business branding and promo products needs and I will design your stuff for free when you order from the Goddess Whispers shop on Zazzle!

Thank You for Supporting Small Business and Locals with Your Online Shopping!

Once again, thank you so much for visiting and Following the Goddess Whispers shop on Zazzle!! Zazzle provides marketing benefits to shops with followers, so your follow is valuable and so very appreciated! The shops you find on Zazzle are people just like you and me, artists and entrepreneurs, mom and pop businesses, and print on demand print shops who have found an outlet for their passion for art, design and printing on the fabulous Zazzle shopping portal. Why not head to Zazzle this year instead of some big corporation the next time you’re looking for home decor, coffee mugs, mailing labels, or business promotional products!

✨🙏🏽✨💖✨Thank you so much for supporting small businesses and solopreneurs! ✨🙏🏽✨💖✨

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