Sandye Linnetz,

“Technologically Challenged? The following is NOT a paid ad – it’s a testimonial! I’m sharing this because I am learning and I LOVE IT! I found a teacher who knowledgable, patient, reasonable and is giving me the techno help I need! I’m getting this and it feels so good.

My new buddy is Meilani MacDonald and she is my guru, tutor, teacher, patient pal! She offers a 20/20 thing (20 minutes for $20) to work with you on your computer, resume, marketing, social media… you name it! I will post more info on how to contact her but you know me and my childlike exuberance when I’m excited. She’s AWESOME!

I know you can find her on facebook at and I’ll tag her in this post so she can add whatever she wants.

Many thanks to Sandye Linnetz, the force of nature behind What Do I Say What Do I Do and positive vibes galore, for this wonderful testimonial she left me on Facebook!

Sandye is a client via CVWBC and we work on everything from social media marketing to revising her website to general Mac use in our training and consulting sessions. She loves the sessions so much she even went and gave me this sweet testimonial for my services both thru CVWBC and as a freelance consultant. Thank you so much Sandye, such a from the heart testimonial is worth the weight of its words in diamonds! And speaking of diamonds, you are a bright, shiny gem of a lady to work with, woohoo!