Welcome to 1Meilani.com!

Here you’ll find services including Computer Tutoring, Law of Attraction-infused Marketing Consulting, Positivity Training, and Zazzle Shopping – Woohoo!

Welcome to 1Meilani.com! Meilani MacDonald offers computer, marketing and positivity training and services especially for entrepreneurs and beginning-to-intermediate computer users:

  • COMPUTER TUTORING – for folks who need a better command of their computers including organization of files and folders (where’s my stuff?), general operations (what’s the difference between a browser, a window, a tab?), and specific functions such as preparing a photo for use on a website or social site (is it the right size and file format?)

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    Specializing in tutoring Apple Mac users & mature adults (silver-haired like me)!
  • MARKETING CONSULTING AND TRAINING – infusing marketing best practices with the principles of the Law of Attraction to define and attract your most desired clients and customers. Offering 20/20 Mini-Sessions – 20 mins for only $20!

    Book a 20/20 Mini-session via Meilani’s Scheduler, or
    Contact me directly on Messenger to book a longer sessions.

    Longer sessions are perfect for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, freelance B2B service providers, startups, and especially DIY entrepreneurs – those who wish to make their own website using free services like WordPress, Wix, Weebly, etc., and to promote them on socials.
  • POSITIVITY MINDSET / INTENTION SETTING FOR CLARITY AND FOCUS – this is especially helpful to small business owners, freelancers and solopreneurs who feel anxious or overwhelmed by doing it all themselves! Are you one of those folks who starts to do something but then gets distracted by five other things on your list, start on all of them but at end of the day wonder how and why none of them are finished? Do you wonder where all your time went? Do you feel paralyzed by overwhelm?

    Click here to book a Positive Intention Setting mini-session
    Here you will learn practical exercises for clearing your mind of racing thoughts, finding your center of calm, boosting your mood to a higher vibration, and then from THAT higher-vibration perspective plan your day with the clarity and inspiration that comes with being in that positive, clear, and focused state of being.

My patient and easy-going teaching style will make you feel comfy and confident while taking the mystery and overwhelm out of learning how to use your computer and/or getting familiar with marketing your business both online with socials and website, and in person at networking events and mixers. Newbies and seniors especially love the boost of confidence that comes with working with someone who is patient, understanding and able to explain things in ways that are easy to understand for regular folks.

Now Open!

💖✨Goddess Whispers✨💖 Store on Zazzle!

Gifts and treasures inspired by and made with love for fans of fairies, fantasy, magic, spirituality, and the teachings of Abraham-Hicks on the Law of Attraction.

✨💖✨A shop for beautiful spirits and souls! ✨💖✨

Special added bonus! Guess what? YOU can open your own Zazzle shop too! Zazzle shops are 100% FREE to create! Yes, I said free…your investment is the time you take to set up your shop and create and market your products. I can teach you how to open your own shop! Not an artist? No problem! You can create lots of products with witty, funny, or motivational sayings that speak to a particular market. Contact me directly on Messenger to book lessons for how to set up your own free Zazzle shop!

Ok one more thing Meilani…what is this Law of Attraction stuff you mention?

Simply put, the Law of Attraction says that what you put your attention and focus and energy on is what you will attract. For example, if you are focused on drama then you will attract more drama, but if you ignore things that create drama then you will be drama free. Likewise, if you focus on attracting the clients you most desire, that is what you will attract. Often we focus on clients we don’t really really want, but whom we think we can most easily attain, or whom we think we should service, even though we really don’t want to. And most of the time this is just habitual, what we’ve learned from others! It’s time to put those habitual thoughts that do not serve you away and create NEW ones that DO serve you and make THOSE your habitual thoughts!

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