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Welcome to 1Meilani.com, created to show how nice a free WordPress website can be. Well, it started out free but I finally took that $4 plunge and got rid of the ads, go me! Lol!  Please take a look around and then hit up Meilani’s Scheduler to get your 20/20 Loa Marketing Mini appointment in.  Spend only 20 minutes of your time and come away with actionable marketing tips that you can apply right away, all for only $20! Perfect timing and pricing for entrepreneurs on the go!

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New 20/20 Offerings Just in Time for 2020!

Introducing 20/20 Loa Marketing Magic Minis!

You are a busy entrepreneur. You are doing it all yourself. You know your product and your service, you are a whiz at what you do and you love it too. Buuuuut you probably never had any real marketing training.  Of course you may be already overwhelmed with all you have to do, and also you’re footing all the expenses of starting up your business yourself.  You don’t have the time or finances for that 2 month long series of classes for only $400!

But I bet you DO have 20 minutes you can spare somewhere in your day, AND you recognize the value of learning marketing best practices that will serve you and your business for a lifetime… and I made these offerings especially for YOU.  20 minutes of marketing magic for onlyt $20 – easy to fit into your day and easy on your wallet too – Go You!

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