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thank you
Photo by Virginia L., used with permission underย Creative Common attribution 2.o licensing

We All Love Our Clients, Right?

I know I do! This week I’ve asked my clients if they would write a little testimonial for me that they can post to their socials, and which of course I would pick up and, when I get around to it (which is admittedly not often enough), would add to my little ol’ web site here.

But today I was thinking really I should be postingย a shout out of appreciation for my lovely clients! After all, were it not for them, I wouldn’t be here doing what I do, would I? So here with much gratitude, I am saying…

Thank You!

…to my wonderful clients!

Jilska Chandrasena – thank you for contracting me to help you set up your awesome JilskaC wordpress blog, and to edit your various academic papers. You are such a brilliant and vibrant woman, it is a real pleasure to work with you. You truly are an agent for transformational change! Thank you also for the referrals you sent me: SirJr aka Johnny Lee and Nina Chandrasena.

Jennifer Futterman – oh my what can I say about you Jen? It’s been such a pleasure and honor to call you client, colleague and friend. From the beginning days of planning the Desert Environmental Youth Experience EYE for Leaders education program when I worked at the water district, to after the layoffs you becoming a client. I am so happy that I got to stay involved in helping to promote environmental education through keeping the CREEC (CA Regional Environmental Education Community) Region 10 events calendar updated and working on the Region 10 quarterly e-newsletter! And now helping to admin the Desert EYE for Leaders Facebook Group and creating and updating the Desert EYE for Leaders wordpress blog, I just feel so blessed and fortunate to still be working with you after all these years. ๐Ÿ’œ

Pete A’Hearn – Pete, thank you, I’m so looking forward to serving the Informal Science Collaborative and helping your members bring awareness of their environmental education programs to the teachers you serve asย the Palm Springs Unified School District’sย K-12 Science Specialist!

Rick Teisan – Rick it has truly been a pleasure to work with you! You are an amazing and interesting person, I always enjoy your speeches at Toastmasters and hearing about your next ideas during our strategy planningย sessions held via video chatย Hangouts! It’s been a pleasure helping you to set up your Miracle Hillย Realty and Marijuanaย Hill Realty blogs and it’s so gratifying to hear you’re getting so many prospective buyers through them. It’s also awesomeย to see you putting to useย what you’ve learned in our social media lessons, using Twitter, Facebook and Hootsuite in addition to your blogs. Working with you is a joy and a blessing ๐Ÿ™‚

RockSandy – What can I say…we’ve been bffs forever, since we were teens. Who knew back then that you wouldย grow up to do lawyer-y stuff and I would grow up to do public agency outreach-y stuff, and then we’d both end up doing a lot of writing and blogging? Back then all we cared about was: how can we meet the rock stars, and what concert were we going to next? ย LOL! Thanks for hiring me to help you get started on your blog andย to help compose and editย some of your other stuff, and for referring me to Sally.

Sally Mecker – thank you for choosing me to help you with editing your first book! It’s been really fun reading the family history stories that have been handed down to you through the generations. What a fun and delightful project to work on, and one of my fave kinds of jobs, book editing! I look forward to the next chapter ๐Ÿ™‚

Sara Toyoda – Sara, one of my favorite and long lasting clients… Thank You! My heart is so tied to environmental concerns, and to be serving the City of Indio’s Environmental Programs Coordinator is just a blessing. Most of my clients hire me for copy editing and blogging, and it’s great to have someone to keep me on my toes with graphic design jobs and outreach strategy planning, lol. Plus you are such a cool person, I really enjoy our conversations and the goals you set for keeping your city clean and green!

Sir Jr. aka Johnny Lee – wow, Sir Jr., it’s been so much fun to see your Sir Jr. aka Johnny Lee blog blossom! I’m so impressed, you went from total beginner to learning how to use your WordPress blog and keeping your audience updated and inspired. Seeing my “how to” students progress like you have is just like getting a pat on the back, lol. Congrats on your soon to be published book!

Who’s Next?

I’d love to add you to my client blogroll appreciation shout out list! If you need editing orย graphic design services, or blogging and social media lessons or services, please contact me! I love working with solopreneurs and myย have set my rates to be affordable to them. So contact me today and let me know how I can serve you!

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