Grammarly: A Great, Free Editing Tool for Writers

This post is a quickie editing tool tip for all you writers out there wishing there was a way of reducing the costs of editing. There is a great service called Grammarly which works across many platforms to help great writers reduce the amount of editing needed in their books, and websites, business reports and more!

Grammarly Screencap showing off editing capabilities
This screencap of the Grammarly website shows off the app’s editing capabilities.

Grammarly works within many programs while you write, providing real-time basic editing services. See the pic above for a screencap of Grammarly in action. While you are writing, pop-ups appear in places where Grammarly has a suggestion for improving your writing. I find this to be a really nifty tool, especially for authors who can reduce the amount of editing their pieces require, thus reducing the amount of time their editor has to spend proofing and correcting, and hopefully reducing the cost of editing in the meantime. So go check out Grammarly and start impressing your editor with less editing required in your next book!

Do You Need Professional Editing?

.Good editing turns a book or story into a great read. If you are an entrepreneur self-publishing a book to help build your authority and credibility, then editing is even more important. You are promoting your skills, your talents, your business. If people are hung up on poor grammar, spelling, sentence structure, you are not getting across your business brilliance. Don’t let errors that can easily be corrected by a good editor stop your forward momentum! Be the professional that you are building the reputation for and make sure that your book is a good read, filled with info not errors.

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  1. Godfreykuma says:

    Great suggestion, I have been in a little struggle with words let me try out


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